Team SZ1A Successfully Brakes Own All-Time Record in CQ WW SSB 2023

SZ1A sets New Own Record in CQ WW DX 2023 SSB

The excitement echoed throughout the team as the highly anticipated results of the CQ World Wide DX SSB 2023 Contest were unveiled. Our renowned station SZ1A, claimed an impressive array of accolades in the Multi-Single High Power category.

Emerging as the undisputed champion in SV land, SZ1A secured the 1st place spot for Greece, furthermore, satisfactory performance as a whole was achieved in the contest by ranking at 31st place in Europe and 46th in the World.

What makes this achievement special for us, is that we broke our all-time longstanding record set back in 2004. Team SZ1A surpassed our previous best, delivering our best performance so far. This achievement is a testament to our pursuit of improvement and the unyielding spirit of the SZ1A team. The team’s dedication to honing skills and pushing the boundaries of their capabilities has started to pay off with this achievement.


As the SZ1A team expresses their gratitude for the countless QSOs that contributed to our success, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all fellow hams to join us in future contests. This warm invitation welcomes others to experience the thrill of operating alongside us, fostering camaraderie and collaboration within the amateur radio community.

With our sights set on even greater accomplishments, Team SZ1A eagerly anticipates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, fueled by the collective passion and determination of all involved.

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