SZ1A Contest station

Radio Amateur Association of Western Greece is founded at 1985. Even we participated in contests after 1993, we had not a permanent location to have our station until 2009.

At the end of 2009, Municipality of Parakampylia, an area near Agrinio which is the main population area and where RAAWG headquarters are, let us to use an old school in Kokkinologgos. Kokkinologos (his name means Redforest in Greek) is a small village, with about 50 people, 20Km North of Agrinio.

So we started to build a station. SZ1A was born. RAAWG decided to build a contest station in Redforest. The purpose will be double. First to have a station for our members to learn and operate in contests and secondly to promote contesting in Greece. So we decided to offer this place to anyone Greek or foreign wants to operate a contest for free.

Also we decided to offer our technical experience and everything we make for the contest station to anyone with complete articles how to do it. We don’t keep any secret. Instead of this we offer it for free to anyone to duplicate it.

R.A.A.W.G. is not a big club with big financial recourses and a lot of members. Instead of this, our money is too limited. R.A.A.W.G. gave its equipment but a contest station needs much more. So we ask everyone to help, giving money, equipment or hands and brain. Until now, many people and fellow radio amateurs came back in our invitation and donated a lot. We need more. Don’t forget that what you give to SZ1A, goes to everyone, as everyone is able to come and operate in SZ1A, free of charge!