We have 5 towers at this moment in SZ1A

1st tower: 22m high aluminium tower made by SV1GE. Rotator is Yaesu G1000. We have installed 40m yagi and 80m dipole on this tower.

2nd tower: Homemade 16m high. Rotator is HyGain Ham IV. We have installed 15m yagi on this tower.

3rd tower: 24m high. 15m of the tower is steady and the other 9m are telescopic. Rotator is Yaesu G1000. We have installed 20m yagi and 160m bazooka dipole on this tower.

4th tower: 9m high. 6m is steady and 3m is telescopic mast. Rotator is Yaesu G800. We have installed 10m yagi on this tower.

5th tower: 7.5m high. This is a Silcom-ant telescopic mast. We have not a rotator. Antenna is beaming at 300 degrees. We have installed an A3S antenna with the 40m kit (10,15,20,40m) and an 80m dipole. This antenna is installed about 200m far from the main station and serves the inband station.