The SZ1A station has been built by donations. RAAWG has very limited financial resources and can not support this project alone. Thankfully, many members and friends of RAAWG loved the idea to support a project like this: To support ham radio and contesting by creating a station for everyone.

So many friends have offered financial support, new & used equipment, and general purpose & speciality items that we need. Radios, interfaces, Bandpass filters, coax, antennas, lightning arrestors & SPDs, chairs, computers, towers, electric oven, refrigerators, dish-washers, beds, tables, air-conditioning units, electrical supplies are just some of them.

We want to thank everyone for their donations and support. Below is a list of our Major Sponsors and Donators. Most of them don’t like to disclose the amount they have donated, however they are not οur only sponsors. There are many more who have donated much needed items, small and large such as used electric equipment, or smaller everyday things, and most importantly, their volunteered hard work, time and effort in maintaining and developing the station!

A Sincere THANK YOU to all that make our dream possible!…

  • Zorro Miyazawa JH1AJT
  • Fotis Papadelis SV8RMA
  • Savas Pavlidis SV2AEL
  • Jimmy Lambrakopoulos
  • Sotiris Katsimaglis SV1BDO
  • Dimitris Lianos SV1CIB
  • Thanasis Kapsalis SV1CQK
  • Vassilis Kontothanasis SV1DPJ
  • Giannis Traikos SV1GE
  • Vangelis Gkekas SV2BFN
  • Takis Perrotis SV2FWV
  • Kostas Stamatis SV1DPI
  • Gianni Capitanio I7PHH
  • Garo Molozian G0PZA
  • Andrew Georgakopoulos SV1DKD
  • Tony Stefanov LZ1JZ
  • Monk Apollo SV2ASP/A (+)
  • Andreas Papadopoulos SV1AVE