QSL info – Logs

R.A.A.W.G.is not member of SV Bureau. So it is not possible to get a card from us via bureau. But we upload our log, right after a contest, in LotW, Eqsl and clublog. So you don’t need anything more for the most significant awards as DXCC, WAZ, WAS and more.

If you really need a paper card from us, you can ask it either Direct either via Clublog OQRS. At the end of this page you can look for your call in our log, and ask for a card via Clublog’s OQRS, paying 3$ via paypal, which covers shipping cost, envelope’s cost and paypal fee.

If bureau is your only option, then ask it via Clublog OQRS. When we gather some requests from the same bureau, we send the cards direct to your bureau. It is a slow proccess. We can not promise that you will receive your card at this way, but you have a good chance…

Off course you can send your direct request, the classic way. Include your QSL card, an envelope with your address and 3$ or IRC or a Greek stamp, and send via post office to our address:

 Radio Amateur Assosiation of Western Greece
 Kokkinologos Sargiadas
 301 50 Agrinio

Don’t forget to look for the SZ1A award. It’s free! You need 6 “different” QSOs with us to get it. If you want to learn more and if you are eligible, click the following image: