CQ World-Wide Contest: New Greece Record!

New Record Set for Greece - CQ WW CW 2023

Team SZ1A made history in the CQ World-Wide DX CW contest on November 25-26, 2023, setting a new record for Greece (SV). With an outstanding score of 6,386,142 points, the team secured first place in Greece while simultaneously breaking the country’s all-time record. This accomplishment not only positioned Team SZ1A as the leading contenders among Greek participants but also notably earned the team the 26th spot in Europe and the 40th globally.

Team SZ1A made history in the CQ World-Wide DX CW contest on November 25-26, 2023, setting a new record for Greece (SV).

The CQ World Wide DX CW Contest is one of the most highly anticipated annual events in the amateur radio community, where enthusiasts worldwide engage on-air via CW (morse code). Celebrated for its challenging yet rewarding nature, this contest tests participants’ proficiency in CW Morse code, strategic planning, and stamina over 48 hours. As one of the largest international amateur radio competitions often with tens of thousands of participants, it fosters camaraderie, enhances technical skills, and deepens appreciation for CW communication. For those intrigued by radio communication and Morse code, this contest offers an immersive experience where tradition meets competition.

Operating in the “Multi-Single High Power” category, the team of Dennis SV1CDN, Dimitris SV1CIB, Manos SV1DAY, Andy SV1DKD, Vasilis SV1DPJ, and Cliff SV1JG logged nearly 5,000 contacts from the SZ1A Contenst station in Western Greece.

For more details, see the links below:

The 4el-20m monoband yagi at SZ1A under the full moon

The Radio Amateur Association of Western Greece feels that this achievement not only elevates amateur radio in Greece but also inspires others in the community to strive for improvement!

The New CQ WW DX CW Contest Record for Greece (SV) in the Multi-Single HP category

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