The shack has been rebuilt at 2017. It is a room about 3.5 x 7.5m.

There are 3 desks. Every desk is 2.5 x 0.80m and hosts 2 operating positions. So we have 6 operating positions in total.

At this time we have 3 full operational stations while the other 3 are partially completed.

The 1st station is the Run1 station and it has a Yaesu FT1000MKV field, dunestar bpf600, microkeyer Mk3, Amplifier OM 2000HF, computer core2 with 2 screens 22″.

The 2nd station is the Inband 1 station and has a Kenwood 850sat, homemade interface and. An EA4TX AS2X2 antenna switch gives the run antenna and bpf to inband station when  the inband station transmits while the run station gets the inband antennas the same time. Computer is core2 also and it has a 24″ screen.

The 3rd station is not ready. In the future this station will be 2nd multiplier station and the right station in SO2R configuration. There is only an old computer on this station which we need to change as well.

The 4th station is the Multiplier station and the left station in a SO2R configuration in the future. It has an Icom 756 proII, microham mkII interface, dunestar bpf 600, Icom pw1 amplifier, computer core2 with 2 screens 19″.

The 5th station is the Run2 station and it has a Kenwood TS950SDX, dunestar bpf filters, homemade interface, core2 computer with 14″ screen. We miss an amplifier here.

The 6th station is the inband 2 station and it has Yaesu ft990, dunestar bpf filters, homemade interface, an EA4TX AS2X2 antenna switch (same with the station 2) and a P4 laptop with 17″ screen.

There is also a P4 computer playing the greyline in a 15″ screen, a 6×2 homemade antenna switch, and a homemade antenna switch which gives RX antennas in 2 radios, stubs for additional filtering and EA4TX hardware interlock interface.

antenna panel to an SJ2W 6×2 antenna switch. On the left 150W home made dummy load. The back box is an rx antenna switch