1st in Europe in CQ WPX RTTY 2022

The commemorative plaque for the 1st place in Europe in the CQ WPX RTTY 2022 Contest has been received!

There was a great standoff, for those who remember, between us and J42L. Ultimately, with a very small difference, J42L took the first place, and we secured the second. However, since they were 1st in the world, we, being 2nd globally, received the plaque for the immediate lower category, which in this case is 1st place in Europe.

The full article about our participation is available here.

The operators were SV8PMM, SV1CIB, SV1DPI, SV1DPJ.

Of course, we were very pleased, as this is only the 2nd plaque (the 1st was in the OM SSB contest) we have won and the 1st in a major contest.

Let’s continue to learn and improve, and hopefully, many more plaques will come in the future!

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