Month: February 2024


2024 CQ WPX RTTY Contest

The CQ WPX RTTY Contest is a premier amateur radio competition that challenges operators worldwide to demonstrate their proficiency in Radio-Teletype (RTTY) communication. Organized by CQ Magazine, this contest focuses on contacting as many unique […]

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SZ1A in CQ WW 160M CW 2024

CQ World Wide 160-Meter CW Contest 2024 (video)

The CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest is the largest annual amateur radio event which exclusively focuses on the 160-meter band. Participants aim to contact as many other stations as possible across different countries and zones, […]

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SZ1A New Year's Event and Cake 2024

SZ1A New Year’s Event and Cake for 2024

The traditional New Year’s Cake for 2024 was cut by the Radio Amateur Association of Western Greece, at a well-known restaurant in Agrinio, this afternoon, Sunday, February 4, 2024. This celebratory event, attended by more […]

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SZ1A sets New Own Record in CQ WW DX 2023 SSB

Team SZ1A Successfully Brakes Own All-Time Record in CQ WW SSB 2023

The excitement echoed throughout the team as the highly anticipated results of the CQ World Wide DX SSB 2023 Contest were unveiled. Our renowned station SZ1A, claimed an impressive array of accolades in the Multi-Single […]

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