SX14ASTRO Special Event Station – 14th Panhellenic Expedition of Amateur Astronomers

Members of the Radio Amateur Association of Western Greece will activate the Special Event Station SX14ASTRO between July 22nd to August 5th in order to celebrate the 14th Panhellenic Meeting of Amateur Astronomers. The station will be on the air on HF, VHF, and UHF amateur bands.

The 14th Panhellenic Expedition of Amateur Astronomers will take place this year in Drymonas Thermos, at 1200 meters altitude, from 29 to 31 July 2022. The 12th meeting was held in the same place in 2018. Then we activated SX12ASTRO. Due to the pandemic not many activations have been possible until now, the 14th National event! and SX14ASTRO will be on the air!

At the place where the meeting will take place (1200m ASL), tents and antennas will be set up and we will be on the air from there. In addition to QSL cards, those who contact us will be able to claim the following awards:

  • ASTROBAND 3 QSOs on the same BAND but in a different MODE (eg SSB, FT8 and RTTY on 20m)
  • ASTROMODE 3 QSOs in the same MODE but on different BANDS (eg SSB on 20, 15 and 40 meters)
  • ASTROSITE 3 unique QSOs from July 29-31 during the expedition.
  • ASTROBRONZE 5 unique QSOs (each QSO on another band or in another mode eg 20SSB, 20RTTY, 20PSK, 40CW, 15RTTY)
  • ASTROSILVER 10 unique QSOs
  • ASTRΟGOLD 15 unique QSOs
  • ASTROLEADER to be awarded to the first place ham (most QSOs) in Greece, first place on each continent and first place in the world.

Qsl via bureau or direct. The log after the event will be uploaded to LotW, QRZ, E-QSL, QRZCQ, Clublog,

Ask for an award online in hamlog:

If you have any problem ask for help to radiosz1a @

You can check our log and ask for a QSL here:

Here is our awards based in star photos. We want to thank you the photographers: Apostolis Kavalieris SV1UK, Konstantinos Bakolitsas SV1CID, Spyros Arethas, Thodoros Mentis, Kimonas Papathanasopoulos, Nikos Sioulas, Giorgos Ntekas Stargazer.


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